Accurate Results, Fast!

Testing Methods

RK uses the most current methods in drug, alcohol and DNA testing to produce fast, accurate results.

Urine Test

Urine testing is performed by collecting urine in a specially designed, secure cup and using a 10 or 12-panel test to detect the presence of illegal or prescription drugs. Urine testing measures days of use, depending on the drug being tested.


Breath Alcohol Test

Breath alcohol testing is performed by using a device called a breathalyzer. A breathalyzer measures the amount of alcohol that is currently in a person’s system and is a quick way to determine their BAC (blood alcohol content).


Hair Follicle Test

Hair follicle testing is performed by collecting between 90 and 100 strands of hair that are approximately 3 inches in length. Testing of the hair follicle is very accurate because hair growth is fed by the blood stream. Hair follicle testing measures up to 90 days of use. Read more...


DNA Paternity Test

DNA Paternity Testing is performed by collecting thumb prints and performing mouth swabs and provides a result that is 99.9% accurate